vitamag® is a health, beauty and well-being magazine written by specialists and aimed at consumers, appreciated since 25 years for its high quality and varied editorial content

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Our 150’000 copies are distributed in our 3 national languages twice a year. 82% of the pharmacies are proposing Vitamag for free to their clients. In addition, the content is also sent to 2,000 doctors’ surgeries, 50 spas, 260 hospitals and 220 fitness centres.

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Presence on social networks: Facebook, Instragram (Jan 2020) with content, community management and moderation.

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Regular updates of digital channels with text, images and video content.

Verticalizer acquired Vitamag in 2019 and will be the publisher on the media from 2020 onwards. The successful receipe of Vitamag will remain and be enriched with new digital services.

25 years of existence

In 25 years of existence, Vitamag has built and maintain a superb reputation in the whole health sector: enjoyed by advertisers, trusted by end users and loved by pharmacists. Why ? All our informative contents are produced by health specialists. They are short, easy to read while being interesting and scientifically accurate.

In addition, we only accepts ads for product that are certified in Switzerland and may bo sold in pharmacies, where our print distribution occurs.

The numbers

We are proud to share some of our numbers with you. Please do feel free to contact us as soon as possible for any questions that you may have.

  • Amount of pharmacies distributing our magazine: 82%
  • Part of the Swiss population covered: 94%

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